Duplicate WordPress Website Rewards You More

Posted by : Khurram Shahzad on 17 Apr, 2012

WordPress is presently the most famous content management system in use on the internet. It has many characteristics like a template system and a plug-in architecture system.

It also boasts customizable themes and widgets. It also allows multi-user Wordpress Websiteblogging and multi-blogging. If you have a WordPress site, having a clone of your site may be beneficial.

Bloggers are often associate marketers as well. Being both a blogger and an affiliate marketer at the same time may need a good deal of time. One of the responsibilities of an affiliate marketer is to make each thing ready within a short period of time. Thus, managing your time well is important. Installing a WordPress site is a prolonged process which could take a lot of time. As an affiliate marketer, you want to work more on the developmental side, not on the installation side.

How to Prepare Website For Wordpress Installation

Installing WordPress can be tiresome especially if you are not professional. First is to install your blog. If no problem occurs in installation, it will take only 3 minutes. Setting up plugins and themes needs a plenteous amount of time. To set up your plugins and your themes, you would need 30 to 45 minutes. Extra time is required if you want to customize your theme and configure your plugins. If you have a successful career as an affiliate marketer, you know that every minute counts. Every minute lost means possible profit lost. Thus, it is recommended to reduce the installation time so the extra time saved can be used in other things like advertising your site.

How to save Installation Time using a clone of your site

All the procedures discussed above can be done within 1 minute by cloning your site. Site installation consists of a set of files that are installed in your domain directory and the SQL database. Both the domain directory and the SQL database can actually be backed up. You can also upload these in seconds.

Thus, if you have already installed another site, its plugins and themes, you can use the backup files from this site to use to create your new site. All you have to do is upload all plugins and themes from that site. Thus, when installing a WordPress site, remember to always back up the mySQL database and the domain directory. Now, you have a WordPress site clone which is readily available for future use.

Benefits of cloning a Site

Bloggers and affiliate marketers spend each day on the basis of "as it comes". Thus, when the blogger has some outstanding ideas, he needs to bring out it at once. Thus, having a clone makes one to have extra time. The time saved can be used to publish or to take action to any great ideas that are coming up.

With a copy, you can have your blog up running as soon as possible. This will increase your overall efficiency. It will also save your overall cost as you don't need to employ someone to have your site up and running. If you ever do need to employ someone, the pay will be reduced if you can provide him the backup files that you have. He can use this to make your site working immediately.

Or to avoid all of the worries and troubles of manual site and database backups and troubles of FTP access and other problems there are solutions available out there. You can backup, protect and restore an entire site no matter how large it is in seconds.

I can help you to develop and customize the website. Wordpress is a powerful tool to manage and create the dynamic pages instantaneously.

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