How to write the research paper? The five sections approach to Research Paper

Posted by : Khurram Shahzad on 29 Nov, 2011

The purpose of the research paper is to add to the academic knowledge, progress the research dimension to the next step but not to impress others, get promotion, and gain recognition.. The research paper should be precise, must present the novel idea clearly.

Idea for the Research Paper

how to write research paper? Research on the title and the main contribution you going to make in the paper. Present your idea with as much information, examples, and figures as much you can, but should be precise and not too much length to make the reader feel bored. Make sure, after reading out the paper, the reader is no more in any doubt. A lot of work is published every year, and many papers do contain good ideas, but do not elaborate, what they are.

The general flow for the Research Paper

The research paper should be in a proper defined flow. Let`s take it as a water fall flow. Once a section of the description is complete, this must mot repeat in the next sections and it must not be duplicate. Generally, the research paper should start with the problem description. Elaborate the problem and make clear what the interesting point or problem you are going to solve in the current manual. The problem should be unsolved and unique. After presenting the problem, describe in short here is the new idea or contribution, I am going to make. Further, present more details and data to help the reader understand your sole contribution. In the end, present your short survey, as how my paper is different from the other people`s approach.

The Structure of the Conference paper

Below are the main sections for the research paper, each one with instructions on how to succeed.

Title of the conference/ Research paper

Most important part of the paper is to choose the correct title. The title should represent the problem clearly. Don`t make it very tough in reading, but very specific and always choose the meaningful topic that describes the problem, experiment and should represent your idea.


Abstract is usually written in the start of the paper. This is mainly to help the reader to have a bird`s eye view of your paper. Figures, tables and other description should not be in abstract. Generally, the abstract should address the four sentences:

  • Define your problem
  • Defend, why the chosen problem is very interesting
  • Describe the solutions, conclusions you have drawn
  • Describe conclusions from your solutions

The introduction

The introduction part should add the details and data to the problem and to the contributions. The introduction part should not increase to more than one page. You may use examples or figures to introduce the problem.

Once the problem has been defined, next is to list your contributions. State contributions clearly enough that the reader understand. Don`t leave the reader to guess as what your contributions are! The introduction part should not exceed one page.

Presenting the research idea and contribution

Present the idea in very clear way. The paper should must present the details but must convey your idea first. If you will go to the technical details such as representing the algorithm and explaining its functions, this seems very impressive but will send the reader to sleep.

The research idea should be presented as if you were speaking and teaching to someone using a white board. Primary is to convey the intuition, once the reader has the intuition, he will easily pick your approach. This part should not expand more than two pages.

Presenting the details

The details should defend your claims, usually this section is to add details and evidences to your claims. Make sure every claim represented in introduction, Idea and other sections should be defended here. The evidence can be any comparison, theorem, measurement or a case study. This part may take up to five pages.

The related work to your Research

Here you must explain the other idea and claims that are related. This may help the reader to understand your work. This helps the reader to have a broad view of your work, and explains where the difference is and how your work is unique. This part is 1-2 pages.

Conclusions and future work

This section is half page and you should brief the whole story here. Never go into details and be very general to represent your work.

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