The Three Glance Approach to Read Effectively, Article, Research Papers and publications

Posted by : Khurram Shahzad on 30 Nov, 2011

Readers usually spend great deal of time in reading the publications, articles and other material. Reading effectively is an approach that helps in understanding the article and conceptualize the material easily. How to read effectively is rarely taught in the education institutes.

How we conceptualize the material easily and early excel our capabilities for further research. Three glance approach to effective reading Usually people keep on studying again and again without understanding it. After hours of effort when the basic questions are asked, they fail to answer correctly.

A good reader is that understands the concept easily and draw the conclusions related to the material. He is able to discuss the positive and the weak points of the article. Reading depends on the different types of material. Critical readings involve more effort and concentration like, reading the tender notices, reading the passage, and answering the questions related to that paragraph later. This is most commonly used for IELTS English language test. Reading the newspaper, fashion magazine, or brochures involves the different approaches.

Before start reading anything, first ask yourself, why are you studying this material? Secondly, define the purpose of the reading. Ask, if the reading the article will help you find the desired answer. The three glance approach is the solution to make decision and draw a conclusion for the material to be read. I find it very effective even for the most technical research papers. People usually waste a lot of effort to read and understand the paper and are frequently driven to frustration.

The Three Glance approach to Reading Effectively

The three glance approach to effective reading This approach is divided into three phases and each glace at the article has the specific purposes and the goals. The first glace at the article gives you the idea of what the paper is about. The second glance at the paper is for understanding the contents and the third glace is to complete understand the paper in depth.

The First Glance at the Reading material

The first glace at the material is a bit decision oriented for the next two glances. You have to scan the whole material with the bird`s eye view. After a complete scan, you will be able to decide if I should read it more. The scan completely ignores the contents but just focuses on the abstract, Titles, headings and conclusions. The first glance should not take more than 5-10 minutes. The first glance helps to draw a conclusion about the paper for the correctness, clarity, context, and the contributions. By judging, these points will help you to understand the article worth and to decide if you should proceed to the next glance. Just remember the headings, titles, abstract, and the conclusion and keep it in mind if you consider making the second glance at the paper.

The Second Glance at the Reading Material

Proceeding to the second pass is only beneficial if you are active and are not tired to make it. This may take up to one hour for the 4-5 pages paper. At the end of the second pass, there is a possibility that you will not be able to understand it completely. This happens, if the material is not related to your domain or you require some basic knowledge to understand the contents. The second glance is to make the concentration on the details, after the second glance; you will be able to understand the main points. If the material is having some technical algorithm for the proof you just skip it and focus on the figures, diagrams and other explanations. Highlight the ambiguous statements and the references to explore further.

The Third Glance at the Reading Material

The third glance at the paper is to fully understand it and challenge each and every statement in the article. The third glace is to identify the deficiencies in the current article and to define the further work and direction. Fully concentrate on the proofs and technical details, this glance may take up to 4 hours.

This third pass approach may vary depending on the material read. I have applied this approach to the research papers and technical and it is very effective and helps to grab the concept in minor time. For newspaper, magazine and other related stuff we don`t need the third glance as first two glances are enough to understand if completely.

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