Thinking for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your Organization

Posted by : Khurram Shahzad on 10 Feb, 2012

A business house, regardless if it is a little, mid-size, or large one, always has to have an open thought about its basic demands. Be it a service-based party or a product-based business, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a basic feature all organizations.

If a party knows what exactly it wants from an ERP system, a custom ERP solution is best for it.

Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP

It not only takes care of the specific demands of an organization, but also raises productiveness of the full business cycle.

A false impression of custom ERP solutions

Many people would argue that developing custom ERP would cost much than an 'off-the-shelf' ERP solution, since it is built keeping in mind a party's specific demands. This is nothing but a false impression. An 'off-the-shelf' ERP system is larger in size and it speaks all ERP solutions at once. When you apply an 'off-the-shelf' ERP within your business, you will need some change to be done thereon to fit into your business demands. So a second level development for customization would be needed. Moreover, there are added expenses of buying the software along with the customization and development fees.

Advantages of custom ERP solutions

There are number of advantages of customized ERP over the packaged ERP solutions.

  • It encounters all your business demands. You can side away the undesirable characteristics of this system, if you don't need them in your business procedure.
  • Custom ERP software is a least maintenance software.
  • It is inexpensive than packaged tools.
  • Custom software can be easily applied in modular format within an organization.
  • It diminishes the chances of hazard related cutover of big projects.
  • This system is based on your business schemes, so that you should not mold your business processes to fit in the ERP system.
  • For those business processes, which are inactive, Custom ERP solution is best. For example, accounting ledger is an inactive procedure that does not drastically change with time. For these business tasks, this ERP is best.
  • This software is supported by proficient software engineers. If you face any technical trouble in applying or functionality, the software engineers are ready with solutions.

Negative aspects of custom ERP development

For startups, applying this ERP solution would be a high priced thought, compared to a general packaged ERP. Many enterprises would not encourage the fact that their workers would mold the software according to their demands. Packaged ERP solutions are responsive to alterations and changes, unlike custom ERP solutions, since they are built to meet some specific purposes. Packaged ERP solution is ideal for competitive surroundings. If competitive advantages exist, custom ERP solution is a big no-no for business houses.

Algorithmic Solutions is the organization fulfilling the demands of the organizations for developing the customized ERP systems. These guys can help you out if you are interested in having a quote and discussing your company demands with the increasing demands of the modern business.

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