Top places to find best jobs in Lahore and start the career

Posted by : Khurram Shahzad on 30 Nov, 2011

Lahore is the second most populated city of the Pakistan and ranked 40th among the most populated cities of the world. Lahore is hub of the Punjabi culture and people from different religions, casts are living here.

Miner-e-pakistan, Lahore

Lahore is the popular place to get the jobs and start the career as almost all renowned companies have opened the office here and at least they must have a sub office in Lahore. Lahore attracts the strong investors and businessmen from around the world to take profit from the capital.

To hunt the best job, you have to be really good at communication skills and your relations in the industry. Almost every job role requires some basic communication skills. Every job interview assessment involves testing of the psychology and the communication skills. No matter however you are good at the technical details, but to gain the trust of the employer, you need to show your communication skill level for the positive image of the company. People usually have high scores in the degree and certifications, but some time they don`t get the response, even they think they performed really best in the tests and interviews but the reality is that they lacks some basic c-skills. Communication skills should be good in verbal as well as in written. Industry of the Lahore is really booming and is progressing at faster rate. Almost 3500 plus registered companies exists and have various branches at different corners of Lahore. This boom and the advancement level of Lahore clearly indicates, there is very tough competition here. Communication skill is the one factor you really need to be good at to start good career here.

Lahore industry

No matter, you are an engineer, IT professional, Software Developer, Accountant, Carpenter, Marketing expert. To excel more in your career, Lahore is full with Automobile industry, Banks, insurance companies, Chemical companies, Engineering consultants, Fertilizer companies, Fashion industry, Oil and gas sector, Pharmaceuticals, Power generation, Sugar, Textile, Transport and how we can forget the food industry here.

For factories and company operational offices sudar industrial estate, Kot Lakhpat industrial area and township are the main hubs. These industrial areas are surrounded by the luxurious residential living societies, making the life experience fantastic.

Township, kot lakhpat, Lahore

Most of the companies may be reached by the websites but survey conducted here showed that almost 40% companies operational here don`t have created the internet portals. To get a better chance of employment in these companies, you have to pay visit them and submit your resume manually for their vacancies.

Some companies usually post the jobs on the local jobs and career portals like and best strategy is to visit the company website one by one and submit your resume either on website or email them at given addresses. You may get the latest Lahore industry news and activities at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce website.

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